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MP3 CDs aren't working as they should

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MP3 CDs aren't working as they should

Postby Answer » Sat Apr 29, 2006 9:12 pm

I try burning MP3s using normalization and boosting so all my file have the same volume on the CD. Everything goes well, but more than half the songs won't actually play in my car MP3 player. It will either simply skip the file or it will play something, but something that is not a song, kinda like if it was playing in super slow mode.

Even Windows Media Player can't read couple files on the CD. It pops the "Unable to read the file" msg box.

I am burning on the same CDs as I was before with Nero which are 700mb/80min CD-R.

I tried checking the "Use IMAPI for burning" but it didn't help.

I've gone thru 3 CDs now. I really like the features of the software and was thinking about buying it, but it would actually be nice if I could enjoy the CDs.

Any help?




Postby Answer » Sun Apr 30, 2006 3:30 pm


I tried one of the burned CDs in my girlfriend's car MP3/WMA player and everything was ok. So I guess that something goes wrong when the files are getting encoded before being burned.

Windows Media Player still has some troubles with couple files.

My car player is MP3 only, not WMA but I never had any problems with CDs burned with Nero or other burning software. Both MP3 players are Pionner's so the brand is not an issue here.

Any ideas why it could be doing this?

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Acoustica Greg
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Postby Acoustica Greg » Mon May 01, 2006 10:15 am


If you don't already have version 4.12, try it with that.

If that doesn't help, what's different about those songs? Some MP3 CD players don't support certain bit rates or they don't support VBR (variable bit rate). You can check the specs of your player, then click on the MP3 CD wizard button to the right of the song list to specify the settings that are compatible with your MP3 CD player.


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