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Huge Problem With Mixcraft 6

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Huge Problem With Mixcraft 6

Postby ClarkApe » Fri Jul 27, 2012 4:30 am

Hey guys,
Have been getting a problem with Mixcraft recently. Whenever I have more than 20 tracks my playback is reduced to a crackling, popping mess that is constantly change time... Everything mixes down fine and I can get some playback if I freeze most of the tracks. I'm not sure what the problem could be; the only thing that is consistent between all the songs I have made is the VST effect: VPS Philta and maybe some of the 'Classic Effects'. I use a lot of VSTi's in my projects however I usually always freeze them, mixdown them to audio, I always have any sort of eco mode on. My CPU is a quad core 2.3 Phenom and I have 6 gigs of RAM. My soundcard is the Presonus Direstudio Mobile and the drivers are up to date. I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate X64. Any help would be appreciated. :twisted:

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Re: Huge Problem With Mixcraft 6

Postby chibear » Fri Jul 27, 2012 7:01 am

I have the same problems with my dual core. You didn't mention what your CPU usage and RAM usage were (check Task Manager). You also need to think about what VSTs your using. For instance, IK Multimedia Sample Tank uses very little CPU but eats RAM like crazy. A 30 track project project in ST takes several minutes to load and clicks & pops like you described unless I freeze or mix down most of the tracks. On the other hand, NI's Kontakt loads very fast, uses virtually no RAM , and so far with 10 tracks produces no pops, but the CPU usage is up well over 30% so I will be running into problems very soon when I add more tracks.

EDIT July 28: I understated Kontakt's CPU usage. I just brought up my test project and it was 6 tracks. I increased it to 8 and the CPU usage as per the Mixcraft window was over 50%. As an illustration of my point, I froze all the tracks and the CPU usage for Mixcraft dropped to 6%.

Now if I move the projects over to my quad core i7 laptop there are no problems at all so far. BUT you have to remember that MixCraft, being a 32 bit application can only access 4 gigs of RAM total so if you use RAM hungry VSTis you wil everntually run out.

Something also to check in Task Manager is how your cores are being used. I've never had an AMD chip so I don't know how they handle this.

Finally, remember that your situation is a fact of life the more sophisticated your projects get. I have been spending a lot of time reading the EWQL forums and those folks are pros, using 6 core machines with 16-32 gigs of RAM and the common practice is to freeze all but the tracks they are working on at the time. Don't expect MixCraft to to deliver where the likes of Cubase, FL Studio, Pro Tools, or other more "sophistcated" (synonym for harder and clumsier to use) DAWs can't .
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Re: Huge Problem With Mixcraft 6

Postby Mark Bliss » Fri Jul 27, 2012 9:53 am

Yeah, even though your machine has pretty good specs, 20 tracks with a lot of individual instances of effects running is a lot of system load.
On a dual core with 4G ram I can approuch about half that before I have to make some tweaks, beginning with:
1: Some fine tuning of my buffer/latency settings
2: Using the send track for any duplicate effects to reduce system requirements
3: Temporarily freeze any tracks I am not currently working on to free up system resources.
This makes everything work pretty smoothly and I can continue without problems, but then I dont seem to ever get to 20 tracks in a project either!
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