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80's music

Looking to collaborate with somebody on a Mixcraft project? This the place! Please be mindful of others' privacy and be careful what you post in the public thread.

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80's music

Postby gipsy2 » Sat Dec 19, 2015 11:24 am

Hi everybody!

I love 80s , I love reverb , big drums , good melodies , old synths etc. :) . I am a composer and singer who makes european synth pop (or eurodisco) style and also AOR,Movie style songs. I'm looking for person who can help with composing, making better arrangements , sing or other things .... I am using Mixcraft 7 pro studio .... and Renoise tracker for making instrumentals. Every idea , help are welcome. I have many demos , with vocals too - just ask ;)


Gipsy2 ;)

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